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Welcome to the Faulkner Honda Lease Return Center

As lease-end approaches, many people have questions and concerns about what comes next. That is why we’ve developed our Faulkner Honda Lease Return Center. Our job is to assist with all of your lease-end details, and ensure that you’re aware of all of your options. We are here to make sure your lease return is quick, simple, and stress-free.

Our list below explains your lease return options and what you need to do to prepare for turn-in day. We will give you a $300 voucher which you can apply towards any new vehicle.* This $300 is in addition to the Honda Leadership Leasing Excess Wear and Use Waiver. Also, current demand for quality pre-owned vehicles is high; you may be eligible for lease payment waivers for your Honda lease return. Lease payment waivers mean that we make the remaining lease payments (up to a specified dollar amount) so you can get into your new car before the lease expiration date.

Please fill out the form on the right to schedule your lease-return appointment, or call us at 800-902-5537 if you have any questions.

Option 1 – Turn-In at Faulkner Honda and Lease or Buy New or Pre-Owned
Simply bring your lease return to Faulkner Honda, and we will take care of the rest. From arranging a test drive to exploring various lease or finance options, we will work with you from start to finish, ensuring a seamless and painless transition into your new (or pre-owned) vehicle.

Option 2 – Own Your Leased Vehicle
Did you fall in love with your leased vehicle? It happens all the time. You’ve taken good care of your lease, and it’s still in great condition with low miles; keeping your vehicle is an excellent option that many people choose. Our experienced team of finance professionals will help find a personalized lease-to-own option that works best for you.

Option 3 – Full Return
If you are just returning your vehicle, we will assist you through every step of the process. We recommend that you make your lease-end inspection appointment 60 days prior to your turn in date. This pre-inspection will allow adequate time for you to complete any repairs or services prior to the final inspection at lease-end. Addressing any issues that may be found will give you the opportunity to avoid excess wear and tear charges, if any, at the end of your lease.

Honda Lease Return Checklist
•Schedule complimentary pre-inspection with Faulkner Honda (60 days prior to lease-end)
•Schedule your final lease end visit (1 week prior to lease-end)
•Call Honda Financial Services at 800-351-6513 to inform them of your lease return
•Please bring the following on your final lease end visit:
All vehicle keys
Owner’s manual
Service/repair records

Schedule Your Lease Return

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*$300 Lease Return Voucher valid only at Faulkner Honda, and can only be used towards the purchase of a Faulkner Honda vehicle. See Faulkner Honda for complete details.

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